7 male fears of divorce

7 male fears of divorce

Rukhiyatauditiar Which couple ever thought of ending her marriage? All would crave a happy marriage. Divorce? Of course it will be painful. Rukhiyatauditiar Generally women are often afraid and difficult to accept divorce. Rukhiyatauditiar But not only women, men also feel the fears when on the verge of the end of marriage. Here are 7 of them:

1. Fear of separation from child
The biggest fear the man will end his marriage is a child. After undergoing a role as a father, of course there is a strong inner bond felt by the father of his son. Love to his baby, will never run out and end. Of course it can be different from his partner, because basically the relationship of parents and children can not be cut off.

2. Fear of children being victimized
Not only afraid to stay away from children, a father also does not want their children to become victims. Of course will be able to affect the child’s psychological development. The victims of divorced parents often feel a crisis of concern and often have social problems in their association such as being ostracized or feeling marginalized.

3. Fear no more to take care of
After marriage, men tend to have a dependency served by their partner. This is also the fear of men who want to split up, they are afraid nobody else to take care of it, to serve every need and have to start independently as during the time of singles first.

4. Fear of loneliness
After divorce, there will be a feeling of loneliness. No more jokes of child laughter, the wife’s tirade, the din of eating with the family, sleeping with no one to accompany. All these changes are quite frightening for men.

5. Fear of labeling widower status
Being a widow or widow often attracts attention. This has an impact on social status change and makes one stamped because it is considered unsuccessful in fostering a household. This is also what makes men sometimes afraid to end marriage.

6. Fear of losing property
Farewell certainly have an impact on the distribution of gono gini property. As a man who has worked hard and as a major contributor to the marriage, will certainly be afraid to give up the loss of property and share it with his wife after the divorce.

7. Fear of living alone to old age
After all, everyone is a social being who can not live alone. Likewise man, though looks tough from the outside when about to end his marriage, but there is fear of survival with the status as a man who failed to marry. Are there still women who want to accept the situation? Is he going to live alone to old age?

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