The Benefits of Soursop Fruit

The Benefits of Soursop Fruit

Soursop is a green fruit and usually has a sweet, sour taste. Soursop fruit is very fresh if used as a drink with ice in it. Apparently this fruit not only serves to refresh your thirst is thirsty only. This fruit turns out to have many excellent nutrients for your body’s health. Nutrients contained in this fruit include calcium, minerals, various vitamins and fiber.

Soursop Benefits for Health
In recent years a lot of research on the efficacy of this one fruit. The results of this study is very surprising because many soursops have many benefits. So what are the benefits of this soursop fruit? Check out his info below:

Drive the bad cholesterol

Graviola not only contains vitamin C but also contains fiber that is good for the body. Fiber on soursop fruit can absorb the bad cholesterol contained in the body. So what’s left in the body is good cholesterol alone. So, for those of you who want healthy without bad cholesterol drink a glass of soursop juice regularly. You know it yourself not if the body is filled with lots of bad cholesterol can invite many diseases? Also read the article on how to lower cholesterol for more details.

Maintain body immunity

Inside 300 grams of soursop fruit, it contains 60 milligrams of vitamin C. The content of vitamin C in soursop that at least have been able to meet the body’s need for vitamin C. In addition vitamin C has an important role in the body that keep the body’s immune system, ward off free radicals to prevent premature aging. For that if you want to look fresh and young, consumption of soursop fruit regularly.

Good for bone

The fruit of this one does have a very large content and very good for the body. In addition to vitamin C, this fruit also contains calcium and phosphorus is very good to maintain your bone health. In every 100 grams of soursop fruit contains 14 milligrams of calcium and 27 milligrams of phosphorus. Not only that nutrients that cause soursop can keep your bones.

Soursop also appeared to contain copper. This copper has an important function because it can help the absorption of calcium in bone. If calcium is well absorbed by the bones, your bones must be stronger and less susceptible to osteoporosis.

Prevent cancer

Not only nutrients in the form of vitamins are contained in soursop fruit. Soursop turned out to also contain phytochemical compounds called Annonaceous acetogenins. This phytochemical compound is very good to ward off various viruses that can cause dangerous diseases such as cancer. Some cancers can be prevented by eating soursop. Among prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and there are several other types of cancer. To prevent this disease you can consume soursop regularly. Either consume it directly or consume dairy in the form of medicine.

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