Can hamsters survive wet tail?

Can hamsters survive wet tail?

Can hamsters survive wet tail? Wet tail is considered as a very dangerous and contagious disease suffered by hamsters. In general, it is basically caused by stress. When a hamster is stressed due to the bad and dirty environment, its immune system tends to be lowered. Then, it is so prone for many diseases caused by bacteria including the wet tail. Before knowing the survival rates of hamsters with wet tail, here are some matters you should know about this disease.

The Bacteria Causing Wet Tail

In general, wet tail in hamsters is caused by bacteria Lawsonia intercellularis. This is the same bacterial that offers diseases to some other animals including pig, dog, and primates. The good news is that there is no case of these bacteria to attack human. Meanwhile, Lawsonia intercellularis is not the only bacteria that spread the wet tail disease. Some other bacteria including E. coli, Campylobacter species, Cryptosporidium species, and Chlamidia species support this disease also. Yes, those bacteria are known to be lived in dirty places. Then, wet tail is common to be seen on the hamsters that live in dirty and unhealthy environment.

The Signs of Wet Tail

Initially, the signs or symptoms are not seen clearly. However, it can be seen around a week in a contacted hamster. It is called wet tail because the tails of hamsters are literally wet and dirty. Besides, they show some conditions like appetite loss, rarely drinking, bending body, and bleeding while diarrhea. On this stage, the hamsters must have medical treatments as soon as possible. If it is not, it is difficult for hamsters to survive for the next three days. discuss about hamster wet tail disease.

The Hamsters’ Survival from Wet Tail Disease

It is difficult to predict their survival since some hamsters may be cured and they survive while some others are not. It just depends on the treatments given since the first time it is diagnosed with wet tail. Treatments and Therapy must be given as soon as possible anyway. Some medical treatments are including antibiotic, more liquid, and anti-diarrhea. The wet-tailed hamster must also be put on a house different from its friends to prevent the contact. Meanwhile, make sure that the house is really clean and dry. It should also be placed on the warm area like under the bulb with right temperature.

So, can hamsters survive wet tail? Sure, they can but with a lot of efforts from the owners, anyway.

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