Classic and Modern Ideas of Taper Haircut

Classic and Modern Ideas of Taper Haircut

What is taper haircut? This is a kind of hairstyles popular for men and even it has been known since a long time ago. Taper hair idea is classic but it is so good to be applied even in this modern day. The description of this haircut is as follows. It is where the hair on sides is cut off as short as possible while the middle part is remained a little bit longer. There are numerous variations whether they are applied on the middle or the sides. This is also a solution where you want to look neat as well as trendy for both formal and casual occasion.

Classic Taper Haircut

According to a page on, there are some types of taper haircut popular nowadays. The first is classic taper haircut. This one can be said as the immortal hairstyle for men even since they are kids. It has some characteristics including the “sharp” haircut on the middle while the sides are really short. It makes the middle parts still need styling. However, rather than applying spikes, the classic taper lets the men to comb their hair into one of the sides. Yes, the classic style can be seen here. This idea is really good if you want to attend formal occasion like prom, party, or dinner. Besides, it is suitable also with any face shape.

If classic taper is focused on the sense of simple but neat, the modern one is a little bit different. There are basically many kinds of modern taper hair but here, we only will talk about the keep it up taper haircut. What is it? It is basically the same with classic one. The difference is placed on the middle hair that needs more styling. In this idea, your hair is styled to be messy. This type of taper haircut is so good for daily hairstyles anyway.

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