Coal to oil and gasoline

Coal to oil and gasoline

Hopper cars are open-crowned cars with high facets and ends. Their bottom has hoppers or chutes that can be opened. The grain, flour, or cement might fall down into garage boxes below the automobiles. This makes for short unloading due to the fact the engine normally pulls approximately 100 hopper cars while handing over coal to the ship yards.

If you study the chart beneath there are numerous one-of-a-kind sizes of those hopper cars, and every is capable of carrying special amounts of coal or something else you would possibly need to move.


30 TONSB 4½ x 825,750 103,000 154,500 206,000
40 TONSC 5 x 935,500 142,000 213,000 284,000
50 TONSD 5½ x 1044,250 177,000 265,500 354,000
70 TONSE 6 x 1155,000 220,000 330,000 440,000
100 TONSF 6½ x 1265,750 263,000 394,500 526,000
* seventy one,500 286,000 429,000 572,000
125 TONSG 7 x 1278,750 315,000 472,500 630,000

The reason for the hopper vehicle lesson turns into more apparent as we hold alongside in this newsletter. I stay in Williamsburg and primary started searching into the coal enterprise after sitting at a teach intersection on a every day foundation. The factor that stuck my interest turned into there have been a hundred of these hopper motors attached to 1 engine. I understand due to the fact I counted them at least once an afternoon.

The second aspect I observed turned into the motors were full of coal and the reason I understand this is due to the fact the coal was stuffed to overcapacity and about a foot higher than the perimeters of hopper motors.
This educate with a hundred hopper motors filled with coal would move beyond our house as soon as every hour. So in case you study the chart above and choose the smallest car they make, it holds 30 ton . Although I even have now not measured the ones that I seen I could guess they were the 50 ton vehicles. So the factor is if you take one hundred automobiles and multiply them by way of the smallest automobile it totals to be 3000 heaps. But wait that is an hour so you multiply 3000 lots times 24 hours in a day and now you get 72000 heaps an afternoon three hundred and sixty five days a year.

But wait it even gets worse, they now are running three of these trains an afternoon at a complete of 226,000 an hour and 5,024,000 each single day of the week. This commenced to problem me as to wherein all our gasoline was going. Just one hour of this amount of coal would make plenty of fuel oil.
After a small amount of investigation I eventually determined out in which the vehicles with our gasoline coal were being unloaded. It changed into on the shipping yard in Norfolk Va, and there has been a mountain of it. They had 5 of the biggest freighters I have ever visible and they had been being loaded with our gasoline coal. I could not discover which us of a was buying up all our coal however I could take an excellent guess.

The reason I am deliver this up is twofold. One is we are getting raped with the aid of other international locations on oil fees. You listen them say it’s far a deliver and call for problem and you’ll really must be stupid to trust that one. When we cut returned on our usage in this u . S . A . They reduce manufacturing of the oil and then we have a fake created shortage. So if they would hold up producing whilst demand is going down we would have a surplus. Some may say that growing a shortage is ideal enterprise but I call it what it is and that is fee gouging at least.

We had been taking a beating for the remaining twenty years of paying better charges on fuel. We tried to put oil wells inside the gulf and they might no longer let us because of the environmentalist, however did you already know that Cuba paid china to position 14 oil wells in our golfing and are stealing our very own oil. We also have the Alaskan pipe line and most of this is being shipped to Japan or some different us of a. Why is that?Well if we offered our very own oil they might need to give it to us at a much lower fee and the huge oil organizations remote places could not be bankrupt us

So the bottom line is if we want to keep gasoline and cash we want to maintain our coal and make fuel oil out of it and also to forestall shipping our own oil to different international locations.

There are many agencies and homes that burn our very own coal saving gasoline oil. Many have started switching over to fuel oil because of the rate of coal going up. This is terrible because we then have to import more gas oil. Making this country poorer and there is richer.
We are told that the cost to turn coal to fuel oil is luxurious ( they claim five.00 a gallon in case you want to consider it) but if we ought to pay a touch more for gas would not it’s better to make it right here?We would have an introduced gain by setting humans to paintings making gasoline, promoting a brand new product and all that money this is made would live in the USA as opposed to going to overseas international locations.

We need to sell our products to American’s at an cheap price, and if we try this we can have our products and our money making American more independent like our founding Fathers supposed it to be.

Update was over at a mini golfing route with my grandaughter the alternative day and the train became sincerely close to wherein we had been status and wherein i used to be i may want to appearance down into the teach so i put a video on the internet site so you may want to see it for your self at http://www.Ecosavesfuel.Com in the article segment. Also in preference to the motors being 8ft you will be capable of see they had been sincerely forty toes which increases the quantity of coal be transported extensively.

If you are inquisitive about keeping our environment cleand and saving fuel the check out for greater information.


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