How to Fix Sliding Closet Doors when Cracking?

How to Fix Sliding Closet Doors when Cracking?

How to fix sliding closet doors when you have door which cracking with annoying sound whenever you slide the door open or close? Moreover if the door is difficult to slide, then you can try to fix it with these easy steps.

Easily fix your sliding closet door

  1. Check the hanging mechanism on the upper frame of your closet door to see if there are something loose or come off from the system fix them if necessary. Check the bottom track of the sliding door to see whether the door is still place correctly on the track or if it is slightly out of the track then correct the placement when necessary.
  2. Check the track if there is some damage such as bend length which will make the door jammed or will make the front door to rub on the rear door. When this happened then you can try to fix the bend part using hammer, but if it still does not work then you might want to replace the track.
  3. How to fix sliding closet doors? Take out the sliding door from its track to gain fully access on the track. Take a sand paper and sand the edge where the wood door meets with the track to smoothen the edge of the track. With this your door will slide easier than before.
  4. For the door you need to purchase a wood lubricant which could be easily found on any local woodworking stores. Then apply it to the edges around the door where the door will rub against each other, with this the two door will not make any sound when slides against.

How to fix sliding closet doors? Put back the door back into the track, you might want to adjust on the height of the track to allow it slide smoothly.

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