how to get free netflix premium in 30 day with simple trick

how to get free netflix premium in 30 day with simple trick

flix and chil is popolar word today. is because the famous netflix. Netflix is ​​the world’s most popular streaming video service and TV series website. You can watch the latest movies and TV series directly from your smart TV or smartphone without having to download or buy a DVD. Moreover, cool TV series like Daredevil or Orange Is the New Black can only be enjoyed on Netflix.

As a promotional event, you can enjoy Netflix service for a whole month for FREE! However, one of the requirements for creating a Netflix account is to have a credit card to pay for a subscription fee. So what if you do not have a credit card and still want to watch Netflix? Calm down, we have a trick and How to Create a Netflix Account Without Having a Credit Card.

Okay. so check our step by step about how to get free netflix in 30 days.

1. Create Free Trial account.
First clear are your browser history. and visit netflix base on your region. click “Start your free month”

2. Always using fresh email

use your fresh email. do not same email related with your previous netflix account if you already have it.

3. choose your netflix package.

My suggestion is choose premium netflix. cause is free in 30 day so do not worry about monthly cost

4. Last step is enter your credit cards.

this is trick about get free 30 days netflix. if you have fresh credit card, you can use it and cancel subscription before 30 days. but if your credit card already used before. you can use vcc (virtual credit card) create using services like entropay or netteller. just create vcc with $2 amount. its only for verify your vcc. that’s our simple step about how to get free netflix giftcard in 30 days

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