A Guide to Choosing Rugs

A Guide to Choosing Rugs

Given the huge variety of options available, choosing carpets for your home can be as challenging as deciding the furniture for a double bedroom or choosing a sofa for the living room. With fairly disparate price tags, handcrafted or industrially manufactured, signed by a renowned brand or designer, we must still decide material, texture, size, shape, color, quantity, with or without a pattern. Step by step, this guide will help you cover the floor of your home with style and comfort.

In addition to being purely decorative – while true “works of art” provide instant living in any space, it is also a good starting point for decorating a room – carpets have a number of practical functions: they warm and cozy, conceal any defects in the floor , muffle noise, protect the floor from scratches, are easy to store (taking up little space), to move to another room or another house at the time of the move.


The place where the carpet is designed will greatly influence your choice, ie each floor should be dressed according to the use of the space in question. Placing a very expensive Persian rug in the children’s playroom will not be the right choice; the same can be said, for example, about a rug with fur in the kitchen. Ideally, for places such as the kitchen or bathroom – which have great movement and are easily dirty – you should choose carpets that are easy to maintain, that is, they can be machine washed and not very thick, too dry quickly.

In addition to the traditional square and rectangular rugs, round and oval rugs have gained increasing prominence as a piece of decoration that, strategically placed on the floor, has a surprising result. Equally innovative are runners, narrow and long rugs to liven up more compressed spaces. Try dressing your floor with original shapes! Source: goodhomeids.net

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