How to Make a Fried Duck (Recipe)

How to Make a Fried Duck (Recipe)

If you want to make a deliciously fried duck in your kitchen, check the recipe below.


The main ingredient in making fried duck recipe:

duck 1 tail, look for young duck then cut into 4 (according to taste) part, clean the fur and wash thoroughly

lime juice 1 fruit, to remove the smell of fishy

kaffir lime leaves 6 sheets

3 lemon grass, bruised

3 cm of galangal

flavored chicken flavor 1 pack (if liked)

sugar 2 teaspoons

a little bit of oil



10 cloves of red onion

7 cloves of garlic

young galangal 7 cm, shredded

candlenut 4 grains

coriander 3 teaspoons, roasted before mashed

4 cm of turmeric

4 cm of ginger

4 tablespoons of salt

lemongrass 2 cigarettes, take the whites and sliced finely

pepper seeds, 2 teaspoons


How to make a delicious soft fried duck recipe:

To make fried duck is savory and tender, you can prepare all the materials needed without any left.

First clean first the duck you have selected. Make sure the duck is young and you love to cut, clean the fur and wash it clean. After the duck has been washed clean, coat duck with lime juice to eliminate the smell of fishy. Give in a bowl or pot and then close tightly and let it sit on the ice for 30 minutes.

While waiting for the duck, you can make the spices smooth. After 30 minutes, take the duck meat then clean it with clean water then drain.

Prepare the pot to brew the duck meat. Enter the spices that have been mashed and give enough water, cook over medium heat until the water is boiling. After the water boils, reduce the heat and cook the duck meat until tender. If the meat is not tender and the water is receding, then you can add little by little until the duck meat is really tender.

Once the duck meat begins to taste tender, taste what it tastes like and you can add salt or sugar if needed.
After it feels good and the meat is tender, turn off the stove and then silence the meat for about 1 hour, so the spices and put the spicy seep into the meat.

After 1 hour, fry the duck meat using hot oil to make the duck meat really dry and crunchy. Fry the meat as necessary or all until the color turns brownish yellow and dry. Once cooked, remove and drain.
Delicious soft fried duck ready to serve.

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