Natural Makeup Tutorial for Girls in School

Natural Makeup Tutorial for Girls in School

Natural makeup tutorial might be something that many teenage students are looking for. That is because many of them want to appear attractively at school but do not want to get a lot of attention because of the thick makeup. If you also want to appear nicely with the considerably light makeup, then you will need to follow these steps below. The first thing that you need to do is to prepare your face for the light makeup. That means, you will need to wash clean your face first. If you think that you need the extra moisturizer, then you can use it for your face.

After that, you can start with the foundation. For the foundation, you need to pick the kind of color that will match your skin tone. Therefore, you will not need to worry about the thickness of the foundation. The next one thing to do for the natural makeup tutorial is to hide your specific face problem with the concealer. That is because the concealer will hide your annoying red acnes in your face. After that, you can simply apply the blush and the bronzer that you need. For this special case, you will need to pick the light colors so that no one will notice that you are using the makeup.

The next step that you need to do is to continue to the eyes and your lips. These two can be considered as the main highlight that will attract many attentions of your friends. The main thing that you need to consider from the eyes is to make the right lines of your eyebrows and also the proper length using the eyeliner. For the very last of natural makeup tutorial, you just need to pick the soft colors for the lips. Or else, you can simply apply the lip-gloss instead of the lipstick.

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