In order Plastic Surgery went smoothly and did not fail

In order Plastic Surgery went smoothly and did not fail

Decide to undergo plastic surgery can not be taken lightly. Because you will change the shape of your face permanently, and there is a risk or potential complications as has been mentioned above.

Think carefully before taking this action. Do not force yourself if you want to change specific parts of your face when your condition does not support. Remember that the operating results in each person are not the same. You should consult everything from A to Z to the doctor if you still want to perform plastic surgery procedures, dove cameron plastic surgery.

Results opersi Plastics

But if you are still willing to undergo plastic surgery, it is your right. Plastic Surgery in order to succeed with a maximum results, then you should consider a few things before doing plastic surgery, such as among others:

  • Surgeons choose a qualified and experienced is the primary capital to achieve the body shape you’ve always wanted. Additionally, verify that the Surgeon has been registered in Specialist Doctors Association of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Indonesia (PERAPI) or not?
  • Search information (reference) as much information about plastic surgery that you will live by asking a few Surgeons. Ask also complete the requirements to undergo plastic surgery and the possibility of risk that will be experienced when you perform plastic surgery on that area.
  • Indicate your wishes as clear as possible. Not to leave the decision entirely on the doctor. Because taste is certainly different from your doctor. Do not let the end result does not correspond to the shape you desire. You can ask the doctor to show you the physical estimate later with a program on the computer. But, do not have excessive expectations.
  • Be honest to the doctor if you have a history of certain diseases or disorders for your safety.
  • Avoid remodel your body in beauty salons that provide silicone injections. Because this action is usually performed by human resources are not adequate. Risks of Plastic Surgery failed to start very high mortality when your body is handled by the “therapist silicone” is.
  • Meet some special requirements or criteria that plastic surgery on the face area worked perfectly as he had mentioned above.
  • Follow All Prompts Before and After Plastic Surgery. Before undergoing plastic surgery, surgeons will definitely give you a line of advice for you. Make any given Surgeons to you, without exception.

Abstinence Post Plastic Surgery in the area of ​​the face

Plastic Surgery post treatment vary according to the type of operation. But in general is to maintain cleanliness to avoid the infection of the wound. However there are some restrictions that need to be avoided after undergoing plastic surgery, including:

  • As has been mentioned before, you should stop smoking and drinking alcohol both before and after surgery. If you are passive smokers should avoid cigarette smoke, because of cigarette smoke and may affect the operating results and cause complications due to anesthesia when performing actions such operations.
  • Avoid spicy foods and alcohol in order to not make the swelling in the face longer to recover.
  • Avoid food sea food, because it was feared would happen allergy during the healing period after surgery.
  • For seven days after plastic surgery, facial or body area that surgery should not be exposed to water.
  • Do not exercise at least 3 months after surgery to avoid injury or a new injury in a collision that might occur when being exercised. In addition part in the operation has not formed a permanent basis.
  • Stop taking drugs or vitamins that thin the blood, such as aspirin and vitamin E, because these drugs can cause blood vessels bruised recovery can be long.
  • Do not get too much rest or nap all the time because it was feared could happen blood clots.
  • As much as possible do not often exposed to sunlight after surgery to prevent excessive color in the wound scars.
  • The position of the adjustable bed of Plastic Surgery actions you do, there are not allowed to sleep on his side, and there also were not allowed to sleep on their backs (should sleep in a sitting position for how long).
  • Do not do a facial massage.
  • Especially for operation in the same place, do not do it again until they’ve been through a period of 6 months. Each surgery cause injuries and the process of softening the connective tissue around the wound, which certainly takes time for the recovery process. But if you want to back surgery in a different place, but you’ve just had surgery first, a general anesthetic, you should wait up to 3 months.

Lastly you should know about plastic surgery is right after a surgical procedure is done, the patient will be restless when he saw the results. Because in the early days after surgery the results are not yet visible and sometimes unusual symptoms, such as hematoma (swelling), bruising or scars despite their somewhat vague. But do not worry because it is only temporary, and will disappear by itself, only then you will see the results.

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