Why do people want to have a pet?

Why do people want to have a pet?

This question is very important. Demand determines the supply of animals. The usefulness of cattle is to many people an obvious fact: they serve to feed humans. But what useful purpose do domestic animals have? The reasons most commonly presented are:

  • to serve as company
  • to create or stimulate social contacts
  • because animals are cute, funny or interesting
  • for reasons of social image
  • as a hobby


For many people a pet is a substitute for a relationship such as with a life partner, a child, or a relative.
Many older people prefer to have the company of a dog to be alone and isolated at home. Usually they have a little dog to bring you in the lap, those that stimulate a lot of tenderness and constantly ask for caresses. The animal serves as a remedy for the human need to care for and pamper and to avoid boredom. In fact this is a pitiful reason. The animal substitutes normal human contact, which in this individualistic society does not seem to be able to be found. The animal prevents them from fading.
But it has to be (of course) a dog to suit you, and specially created for your needs.

Encouragement of social contacts

Pets make social contacts easier. People are more likely to start a conversation when they have the alibi of an animal to which they can direct attention when, for example, the conversation pours into painful silences. And like any other hobby, it’s always nice to talk to others with the same interests.

Cute, funny and interesting

People find an animal attractive. Whatever the animal, it will usually have one or another interesting feature. The whistling birds, the dogs and cats that like to play, and that have fun behaviors, or animals with a somewhat remarkable aspect.

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