The Consequences for the Pet

The Consequences for the Pet

The industry behind domestic animals

At the moment (beginning of 2000) there are in Holland (besides 16 million people) some 15 million pets. There are more than 1700 specialized stores where you can buy animals and / or related items. Each year about 600 million guilders are spent on domestic animals, of which 87% are dogs and cats.

As you can see, behind our domestic animals a large industry flourishes. Not only to raise animals, to capture them or to keep them in asylums, but also to produce and sell accessories such as food, cages and toys.

Animals are created and produced in a way adapted to human whims. Using marketing techniques salespeople continue to persuade more and more people to buy “a very beloved pet.” Here, as in bio-industry, there is an increase in scale and exaggerations of selection of breeders, with all the related consequences.

Some species, especially exotic species, are stolen from their natural environment. Only 22 million animals per year are destined for the Netherlands. On average, 1 to 3 percent of these die during transportation and in deposits, or about 220,000 to 660,000. In the case of birds die 50 to 60%. Animals that survive the grueling journey will spend the rest of their lives caged only for human pleasure.

Many animals spend their entire lives enclosed in a small space. For example, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish. These conditions are not according to their nature, and practically do not have the possibility to live according to their natural needs.

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