About Tri Fold Closet Doors Styles

About Tri Fold Closet Doors Styles

There are bifold closet doors, four panel closet doors, and also tri fold closet doors. You can make your own tri fold doors with DIY project or just order custom closet doors to match with closet sizes. Compared with hinged closet door, having tri fold is maybe a good option for small room since it needs less floor space when you are open it. The ventilation on tri fold doors will prevent the closet to moist or damp and that’s another benefit for having tri fold door.

Tri Fold Closet Doors

To make the tri fold closet doors opening easily you need to treat them with oil and then grease it directly on the hinges. Done the treatment frequently, so you do not need to update the hinges when they are get some corrosion. Anyway, there are many kinds of materials which you can use for your folding doors such as wood, metal, glass, mirror, and plastic. If you want to have warm feeling inside the room then choose wood closet door, since you can lift the mood with it. For cool and modern feeling, choose metal closet door, glass closet door, and mirror closet door. Plastic closet doors are good for any design since they are available in many colors and sizes.

People like to combine tri fold closet doors material for their own closet such as metal frames with glass door or mirror door, wood frames with glass or mirror door, and so on. When you confuse about the right style of the closet door, you can try to match and incorporate it with room interior decoration. If you have small room space then choose mirror closet door might be the best option because it helps to illuminate the room and make it looks bigger. Treat the closet door with curtain and blinds if you want to update the door.

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