Understanding Integrated Security Management System

Understanding Integrated Security Management System

Security system are constantly changing rapidly and becoming standards for information technology products running on a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN). This opportunity is an opportunity for the security industry to continue to develop a new generation of integrated security systems. Integrated Security Management Systems is a system that together can manage all aspects of organizational security. This short article aims to explain most of the integration opportunities into a single management system.

Benefits of Integrated Security Management System
One of the benefits of integrated security solutions is to reduce costs and provide return on investment by eliminating costly manual processes. But the greatest benefit is to improve security for all organizations regardless of whether they are in the public or private sector. The benefits of this integrated system include the ability to monitor alarms of all systems within a single user interface and the ability to connect access and intrusion events to video recordings. This can make the investigation easier and reduce the need to send officers to respond to any security breaches.

Benefits of Integrated Security Management System

Integrated security management system can bring together various security elements (Access control, CCTV, Alarm), building management system (HVAC, lighting) and various other aspects of an organization. The system you choose should meet your current needs, but it should also fit your needs in the future. This is a difficult challenge, but you need to be able to predict how your organization will change and grow and ensure that the system you seek can be expanded to meet those needs.

Manufacturers will continue to innovate with new products in the future. There will be more wireless devices generated that may be connected directly to the LAN. You are expected to run the entire organization’s security from one location when the Wide Area Network is able to provide more bandwidth. There will be a change in access format and the use of wider biometric technology. Obviously, you’ll see integration with a level greater than what you see today. In the future, all systems will be compatible with today’s best system performance so as to provide total integrated solutions for your security needs.

Security System Integration Opportunities
There are a number of advantages to be gained from both security and commercial aspects by adopting an integrated security system. This section lists some of the advantages of an integrated security management system compared to a separate system.

Access Control System
Access control is typically used to provide both property and employee protection. Generally access control is more commonly used in terms of door management. But often its use extends to public areas that use turnstiles, gates, other obstructions, or highly sensitive areas when combined with biometrics. By integrating access control with other systems many benefits can be realized such as:

Integration to know where employees are at any given time.
Find out which door / area the employee is entering, or try to sign in.
Connect CCTV images with events on access control
Connect time attendance monitoring using the same software token.
Connecting visitor monitoring with access control & CCTV using the same software token.
Improve system security through systems such as dual card access or access using biometric technology.
The alarm system control function can be managed by the access control system.
Attendance Monitoring
The same token can be used to identify a person in access control can also be used as a monitoring time of attendance and absenteeism. With software you can easily calculate employee hours and monitor employee absences.

Visitor Management System
For many companies and organizations, Visitor Management Systems (Visitor Management Systems) paper-based manuals are sufficient to provide visitor visual identity data. But with the computerized system associated with access control and time & attendance system then the visitor management system will be better. Not only through ID cards but visitor data also comes with biometric identification, scanning other visitor documentation.

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