The Unique Facts and Treat Teddy Bear Hamsters

The Unique Facts and Treat Teddy Bear Hamsters

Teddy bear hamsters are cute animals. You will definitely enjoy your day to keep this animal.

The History

If you have never known this hamster, then you will be amazed by the fact of this little hamster. Hamster is a unique rodent. Syrian Hamsters come from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The hamster was first discovered by Alexander Russell. George Robert Waterhouse calls this animal a golden hamster. This hamster has various colors of gold so that this hamster is called as a Syrian hamster. Aharoni is a zoologist from Israel who discovered a domestication hamster in 1930. Aharoni dug a field of wheat in Syria and found the hamster’s parent. The hamster was delivered to Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Living hamsters are delivered to London zoo and other universities. This hamster became a pet in the United States and Britain in the 1940s.

Physical Characteristics

This hamster has round eyes with black color on each side of the face. This hamster also has a pink and small nose. This hamster has a long mustache on the face. Male hamsters have coat hair on the neck with feathers coming out of the end of the mantle. Female hamster fur is not too long like hamster abstinence. All hamsters have small legs and short tails. This hamster has a skin that can curl around the cheeks so that the hamster can bring food to the bed.

Caring for Hamster

You can give cheese for this hamster. Hamster requires a cage to sleep, play, and eat. Wood shavings are good cages for hamsters but you have to replace the dirty and wet parts. Hamsters need sports. You can give a plastic sphere ball so your hamster can walk safely in your home. Hamsters can eat a mixture of seeds but you should give fresh vegetables to your hamsters such as celery, peppers, and broccoli. You must provide water in the hamster cage.

That’s a unique fact and a way to take care of teddy bear hamsters.

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