Why Animals Are Allergic To Their Owners

Why Animals Are Allergic To Their Owners

A friend once lost among her pets and was so distraught she mourned it for months. Some people don’t understand the attachment she had to the poor puppy. While majority of folks cannot understand why a human being needs to love her or his pets over human beings, pet fans, on the other hand, find it difficult to believe they are misunderstood. Now we are going to look at the issue from a different perspective.

Pets Animals have souls exactly like human beings. However, the souls of Animals are rather fluid, rather than individualistic as that of the human soul. In the exact same style, trees and rocks have their very own souls, but their souls are fairly forces of those elements that inhabit trees and the trees as their houses. You will find tales of trees that refuse to fall and which even bulldozers cannot pull; or if it had been pulled down, it stands again. These stories aren’t only found in superstitious Africa but also from the Scandinavian countries, where a number of the natives still have relations with the forces of these elements. Even Rocks have their very own beings that occupy them, as blossom elves occupy blossoms, in which the blossom is far away from human habitation and might not be disturbed by humans.

However, Animal souls are different from these, because they are imbued with separate motion. All elephants, for example, have spirits which after death flows back into the common pool like a river, only to incarnate again by a little part of the pool flowing to the monster in the middle of pregnancy. Thus, in principle, no animal is supposed to be a reincarnation of the other, except in special circumstances.

These special conditions may be of 2 types. The first is by using the strongest force in the world, the energy of Love. When a person loves his pet, the love radiation can hold the pet’s soul together, which makes it individualistic and for that reason, if the pet passes on, the soul isn’t allowed to flow back into the group spirit. Under this state, the creature can reincarnate, and can still find the former proprietor if he’s intuitively alert to comprehend it.

The second is more infrequent in program. Additionally, there are creatures in the domains which don’t have anything to do with animals in the domain of animism.These can at times be incarnated on the planet for particular tasks. However, these ones cannot incarnate on animal bodies but at HUMAN BODIES. Hence not every individual being is a typical human being.

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